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Editorial Excellence

METRO is the #1 source of information for public transportation fleet managers. In our 105-year history, METRO has been the industry’s primary source of news, features, reference information, and industry benchmarking.


Our magazine is devoted to helping our readers operate safe and cost-efficient fleets, as well as to expose the best practices of fleets across the country.

Our editors regularly visit in person with readers. We are committed to and actively engaged in the industry we proudly serve. Our editors stay connected with the industry through popular social networking sites like
Facebook and Linked In, participating in dialogue that often leads to unique insights that fuels our editorial planning.

A recent study by the Minnesota-based research firm Readex Research indicates that 73% of METRO readers recall seeing specific editorial in the most recent issue.



Annual Fact Book (every year since 1975)
• Top 100 Transit Bus Fleets Study (every year since 1984)
• The 50 Top Rail Projects list (since 1995)
• The 50 Top Motorcoach Operators in North America
• An annual Special Consultants issue
• The Top BRT Projects list
• Innovative Motorcoach Operators
• Women in Transportation
• Annual Paratransit Survey
• Annual GM Survey